About us

NGAGGELIVE, a division of NGAGGE, is a group of experienced, dedicated professionals consisting of artists, animators, live stream videographers, show hosts, and digital marketing strategists.

We use live streaming at NGAGGE to attract subscribers by providing unique, valuable content bi-weekly in an effort to become the premier brand influencer in our industry.

In addition to providing valuable content, our live streamed, guest interview shows attract new business for us by,

  • Generating new identifiable viewers through pre-show promotion, many of whom post reactions and comments becoming trusting prospects and ultimately subscribers.

  • Repurposing show content in the form of automated webinars and podcasts and posting them on our website, landing pages and social media pages.

  • Attracting our guests' followers to follow us, thereby becoming "warm" prospects for our sofware offerings.

We also use live streaming for events, new product introductions, training and more.

Live streaming provides the capability of real-time engagement of viewers with moderators, and guests for an unlimited number of pariticpants during an event.

This real-time engagment is the optimal way to provide authenticity, creating trust and acceptance of your brand.