Become a brand influencer in your industry with today's most popular engagement format

Build trust sell more

Live interaction is authentic. Authenticity builds trust. Trust sells products and services. Build trust by providing education, tips and tricks, actionable insights, industry trends and behind the scenes peaks on regular basis with live streaming shows. Become a brand influencer in your industry, taking new business and sales to the next level.

Engage unlimited leads

Since LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube are where your existing and potential customers spend much of their time, a combination of well-planned, organic and paid promotion by both show produces and guests have proven to produce exceptional viewership and engagement. Best of all, these platforms provide you with the identity of this "warm" audience, so converting them to buy is just a matter of followup.

Expand reach scale faster

Simulcast. Broadcast your live show to LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube at the same time.

Repurpose. Post show content in automated webinar and podcast formats organically or display through ads on social media.

Each show represents unique content which improves page rank and consequently organic traffic to your website, landing pages, and Youtube channel. More clicks, more new business.

Track results grow smarter

Measure engagement to optimize content. Compare total views, reactions and comments among shows to determine the best performing content.

Identify participants. Social media platforms allow you to identify participants for followup.

Pass your competition

Producing an effective live show take a good deal of time and effort, from finding moderators, locating and inviting guests, planning formats, generating scripts, to show promotion, responding to live comments, and repurposing content.

We can do all this for you, or you can do it yourself and we'd be happy to help.

See our pricing below with discounts explained in our FAQs.


  • Done for you
    / Show *
    / Hr

  • Base $399 $299

  • Show strategy

  • Streaming software access X

  • Show format

  • Guest email templates

  • Visual asset creationi $100 X

  • Media kit

  • Script outline

  • Pre-show test X

  • Moderatori $300 X

  • Promotioni X X

  • Repurpose videoi $100 X

  • Analytics X

  • Total $899 $299

* See FAQs for multiple show discounts

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The "Done for you" pricing above is for a single show. You'll receive the following discounts for multiple shows "Done for you".

4 SHOWS / mo: 15% or $764, a savings of $135 per show

8 SHOWS / mo: 20% or $719, a savings of $180 per show

12 SHOWS / mo: 25% or $765, a savings of $225 per show

There is no contract so you can stop at any time. Discounts require a one month commitment to the number of shows indicated above. The discounts do not apply if in any month you do not complete at least 4 "Done for you " shows.

The above discounts apply to the "Done for you price remaining after you deduct any of the listed prices for features you provide yourself.


All payments are made by credit card through Stripe. Where multiple shows are involved, payments will automatically be made 7 days in advance of the next show from the credit card on file with Stripe until you cancel the service. Your credit card information is passed directly to, and stored by, Stripe, one of the world's largest credit card payment gateways.


Done for you--one show. Payment in full on sign up for the service. Payment is non-refundable. You receive our materials immediately and can schedule your show and consultations any time within one year.

Done for you-multiple shows. Multiple shows involve a commitment to for at least one month.

Payment for each week of shows is made 7 days prior to the first show for the coming week and will be equal to 25% of the total monthly payment for all shows contracted for the month.

You can cancel a week of shows 7 days prior to first scheduled show for that week. All payments are subject the discounts and exclusions for items you do yourself as noted in FAQ: "Are there discounts for multiple shows "Done for you".

Cancellation requires at least 7 days’ notice prior to an upcoming week of shows. All payments made for a week show or series of shows are non-refundable. To cancel send your request to

DIY-- Payment in full on sign up for the service. Payment is non-refundable. You receive our materials immediately and can schedule your consultation any time within one year.

Live streaming provides the capability of real-time participation of viewers, moderators, and guests for any number of pariticpants through both audio and texting communication during the show. This real-time engagment is the optimal way to provide authenticity, creating trust and acceptance of your brand.

Live streaming can be used to become an industry influencer by discussing relevant topics with guests on a consistent basis. It can also be used for holding virtual events, promote products and services, give demos, provide training and more.

Live streaming can be used to become an industry influencer by discussing relevant topics with guests on a consistent basis over a suggested period of at least six months or more.

It is important to select guest with a significant number of followers and have them notify their followers of show dates and topics.

Each show produces original valuable content which can be repurposed into automated webinars and podcasts, displayed on your website and all social media platforms through posts and paid advertisements. These posts will improve your search ranking and reach dramatically over time on LinkedIn, Google, facebook, and YouTube, resulting in an exponential growth in followers and new business prospects.

To become an influencer we recommend a minimum of at least two shows a week. We also recommend boosting the show's visibility by paid advertising in the first few months to gain followers. After that you can decrease ad expenditures and elminate them entirely once you've gained tranction.

As noted in the previous FAQ, we recommend at least two shows a week for at least six to one year complimented initially by paid social media ads which can eventually be eliiminated.

Critical to this strategy is the need to repurpose the show video into automated webinars and podcasts which both you and your guests post on social media pages and groups including you LinkedIn company pages.

You can save significantly on show costs by providing your moderator, guests and followup assistant during shows.